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In case you are planning to set up a company within the domains of Hong Kong and wish to know all about its registration process, consulting experts are your best option! Since,the registration process is no small feat, given the number of factors that are to be considered, it is best thattheHong Kong company registry be a domain that is left best to be handled by people who have extensive knowledge regarding them.

Another very important factor that is to be taken into consideration while hk companyregistryis that, there are someorganisations, thatare associated with providing the correct license and registration for a company. Given the requirements of legal requirements, one has to be very considerate in such situations.

Decoding this registration process:

The process of company registry Hong Kong is surely a tedious process, but with the following of certain factors, it can surely get a correct mode.

• An application has to be sent to business administration department that takes care of Hong Kong company registry.

• A fee of close to HK$250-500 is to be paidwhich would help in ensuring starting off of this process.

• Post this, other details and registration activities are to be taken into consideration.

Oncethese factors are fulfilled in the correct process, the company registry Hong Kong can get started.

Where is the need for expert help?

Since, speaking on a general note, it can be seen that it is quite a simplified process; however, in reality it is quite different. The whole procedure that various organisations have to undergo in regards to companies registry Hong Kong is actually a complex one.

It is not merely a singular process that is there. There are some other factors that are associated, which can be fulfilled by taking help from experts. To know more on Hong Kong companies registry,you can check out hong kong companies registry .

• Being aware of details:

An expert in this domain is aware of the steps that are required in this process. This includes where to apply, details that are to be submitted while registration process is on, what are those details that are required on a regular basis, how to deal with clients and what are the major topics to be highlighted. Thus, theprocess of Hong Kong companies registry becomes much easier with them.

• Dealing with the process:

There are some organisations that a company has to associate itself with after its primary registration process. These organisations are related to Employee’s Welfare Union, Trade Union, Intellectual Property Rights, and such other. For a novice, it is impossible to know these details and an expert is a perfect guide in such a situation.

• Other associated functions:

Past the basic licensing of companies registry Hong Kong, a company has to complete formalities associated with licensing, and other business administration procedure. An expert being a pro in this field can surely help a novice in regards to this.

• Final setting of company:

After all of this is done, with thehelp of an expert, a person would get a complete idea of the taxation procedure, administration details and other factors that are important for a business to function.

Thus, it is best to consult professionals for help in regards to hk company registry!



  • Minimum 1 shareholder up-to 50
  • Sole director is allowed
  • Shareholder(s) and director(s) can be the same person
  • Shareholder(s) and director(s) can be of any nationality / residence (over 18 years old)
  • Corporate shareholder(s) and director(s) are allowed
  • Minimum subscribed share capital is HK$1 but no maximum amount
  • Registered address must be located in Hong Kong
  • Company Secretary must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong or HK limited company
  • Company name must be unique and can be in English or Chinese or both

Tailor-made Company:

It will likely take 7 days to set up a Hong Kong limited company after receipt of all the necessary documents. Clients are required to provide us the following information to proceed with the incorporation of a new company:-

  • Proposed name of the new company
  • Information regarding the shareholder(s), director(s) and company secretary
  • Address of the registered office
  • Copies of passport or Hong Kong Identity Card

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