There are so many reasons for our foreign clients to set up a company in Hong Kong to start / expand their businesses:-

  • TAX FREE gold / stock / futures market
  • LOW, SIMPLE and PREDICTABLE profits tax system (a flat rate of 16.5%)
  • NO exchange controls
  • NO TAX on dividends / capital gains
  • NO TAX for offshore contracts
  • NO restrictions on inflow and outflow of funds
  • RECOGNIZED as one of the major financial centers in the world
  • CONVENIENCE of an international banking system
  • ANNUALLY ranked as the world's freest economy
  • EFFICIENT travel / logistic / telecommunication infrastructure
  • GATEWAY to Mainland China and Asia for business expansion
  • SOUND legal system (adoption of English common law)
  • CENTRE for business dispute resolution in Asia
  • EASY recruitment of high quality manpower